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The Tadoba Tiger Resort at Tadoba-Andhari tiger reserve in the north-eastern Maharashtra Dist. Chandrapur. India is the first resort in the luxury chain, and is situated few metres from the Moharli gate . The resort is Tadoba's premier luxury destination! At Tadoba National Park you will be the guest of Srrinivas Warambhey and his team. Srrinivas is well known for his work in wild life enthusiasm for some tiger project and also known domestic and international tour operator in the name of Excellworld holidays(Offline) tourisms and www.eyatra.co and www.excellworld.com (Online).
He is the expedition leader for the Making Packages to Tadoba(TATR) and you can bool all other wild life package in India and Abroad from his site www.bookmytiger.com. He is in hospitality trade since 1999 and having a dream of perfect wildlife set up with people for people. Book your online safari entry ticket we will develop our site www.tadobasafari.com for wild life travels. Tadoba Tiger Resort is proud of its team and its dedication, our family is growing and all of them are smiling & shining stars of us. We provide end-to-end luxury packages which reduce the travel and safari planning effort for our visitors. The Resort is built over 5 acres. Tadoba tiger resort location is right next to reserve, while comfortably immersing in the jungle experience and you can see playing elephant home from our resort building.

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